March 29, 2020

Episode 10: Blackland Distilling

Episode 10: Blackland Distilling
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This week in on Dads That Drink, we talk to Markus Kypreos, the owner of Blackland Distilling, makers of premium Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, and Rye. He tells us about his efforts to bring hand sanitizer to the masses during this pandemic. We also talk about the absolutely bonkers Joe Exotic and the story behind the documentary. We also talk about all the efforts of various businesses to keep up morale and other things during this time of quarantine. Lastly we talk to Jeff Hunt (Jeff Needs Help podcast), and Josh Gilstrap (Cinematic Blindspots podcast) , about the 5 movie sequels that are better than the original film.

INTRO and OUTRO music written,performed, and provided by the band Rattle Root. Check them out below.

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