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Love this podcast

Excellent guests, fascinating thought provoking conversations! Keep up great work! Gene Panasenko


Really enjoy the podcast, keep em coming!

Awesome Show!!

Love the show and guests!!!

Apparently the best stories are true…

With thought provoking questions and a great conversational style, DJ gets these guys to open up and discuss in ways they haven’t before, shedding a visceral light on their truth. Plus, he sounds like the kind of guy who you’d want to have a beer with. 🍻

Always entertaining

I think one of the best parts of this show is that it seemingly has no format. One week we’re hearing from independent film makers, the next a Special Forces hero. You never know what to expect. DJ does a great job of getting his guests to open up and speak freely.

Excellent Podcasts

DJ is an excellent host. He engages his guests in interesting conversations. The guests are top notch and DJ has done his due diligence to become familiar with them in advance. I am a huge fan.

Love this podcast

Excellent guests, fascinating thought provoking conversations! Keep up great work! Gene Panasenko

Very prepared interviewer

This guy does an outstanding job. Great questions and knows his guest before they come on. He clearly does his homework prior to these interviews. Great Job man! Let me know if you ever want me back on the show! 👊🏻👊🏻

Great show

I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is one of my favorites. Great guests and you can tell the host does his research. I met the host late one night in a bathroom stall at Buc-ee’s. Nice guy and Very helpful!

Lots of fun!

Hosts are easy to listen to - great conversations! Really interesting guests and topics. Keep it up dads! Thanks for the laughs 😊

Awesome Show!

These guys always have a great show and very interesting guests. I also love watching their live shows on Facebook! They’re a must have on your subscription list!

Fun and entertaining

Fun podcast! Great content over a variety of subjects and topics!


Great show and great Friday night entertainment! We enjoy being able to interact with the hosts during a live show and ask questions. If you miss an episode you can always listen on a podcast - You never know what is going to be said next! Keep it up DJ and Jeff! CHEERS!

Guaranteed entertainment

These Dads got it down. Just fun from the get go. Episodes are a little long for my taste, but they fly by listening to them. Well done boys. I look forward to new episodes weekly. Everyone subscribe, listen and review. Cheers!

Interesting concept

The Dads are always finding different and interesting topics from movies, to books, to pop culture. There’s something for everyone on this epic podcast.

Always interesting, always good!

These two put in a great show! I love the variety of guests they have! Never know what to expect when I watch them live. Has seriousness and silliness! Quit reading this and just subscribe! Keep up the great works guys!

The Dads get the exclusives!

Absolutely love these guys. They make it such a fun experience for their guests and somehow are able to pull exclusives out of them! I’m sure the drinks help ;) seriously, the content here is incredible with laid back, in-depth discussions with their guests from all different walks of life. Highly recommend.

THE Dad podcast that everyone should listen to!!

DJ and Jeff are awesome guys and it shows. These dads aren’t just drinking. They are also interviewing some awesome people. So, stop scrolling and stop whatever you are doing and start listening!!

Easy to Listen to!

The hosts voice are great! Very easy to listen to. Cant wait for more episodes.

Drinking dads!!!

Keep guzzling guys. This is phenomenal!! Love the content.

Fun to listen to!!

Love the format and easy to to follow! I look forward fo grabbing a beer and listening to these guys!


Great show!!