June 6, 2022

Episode 103: Miles Sonn “US Customs Undercover Smuggler”

This week in the studio a man with over 45 years of both National and International Law Enforcement experience. During that time he has worked Counter Terrorism, Narcotics, Human Trafficking, Organized Crime, Money Laundering, and Protective Operations to name a few. He was part of the Mariel Boat Lift with Cuban refugees, Operation Overlord, Operation Purple Haze, and Engility, a team of prior law enforcement that helped US and international forces during Operation Enduring Freedom. He has received such awards as the US Attorneys Office Award, US Customs Commissioners Award, The Jordanian Army Appreciation Award, the Peruvian Government Appreciation Award, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Committee and was even the Florida State Agent of the Year for 2017. It is a huge honor to have this guy tell his story. Please welcome Miles Son

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INTRO and OUTRO music written,performed, and provided by the band Rattle Root. Check them out below.

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Miles sonn

Special agent