July 4, 2022

Episode 107: Chris VanSant “The Full Story”

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This week in the studio, a man with 20 years of service in the US Army. He served in such units as the 75th Ranger regiment, the 3rd Infantry Division, the 82nd Airborne, and the famed 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force). He has undergone 11 combat deployments in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. He has hunted the likes of Hussein, Zarkawi, and other notable deck of cards players. This has not been an easy life as most would understand, but in this one we have to go deeper to the root causes of the problems suffered by far to many veterans. Numerous concussions, blasts, breaches, TBI, and don't forget a generous dose of PTS. My guest has overcome those demons of his past and is now a shining example to other veterans, he teaches that at any point you can reinvent yourself to be anything that you need or want to be, and that there are brighter days ahead when you look in the right places. He now enjoys the outdoors, volunteer work, and making sure that those that surround him live their absolute best life. He’s a board member of the All Secure Foundation and the President of VanSant Consulting. He’s here in the studio to talk about the highs and lows, chasing the unicorn of adrenaline, and ultimately how to be happy in your life. It is my honor to introduce you to Chris VanSant.

INTRO and OUTRO music written,performed, and provided by the band Rattle Root. Check them out below.

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Chris VanSantProfile Photo

Chris VanSant

A 20+ year Special Operations Veteran with 11 combat tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Horn of Africa. Chris retired from the Army in 2015 and moved on to become the COO of Tyr Tactical, one of the premier body armor and tactical equipment manufactures in the world. In 2022 Chris stepped away from Tyr to focus on his health and well-being and is currently working as an Independent Consultant focusing on helping business succeed in the Defense Industry. Chris is also a current Board member for the All Secure Foundation, a Veteran non-profit focused on Veteran and Veteran Family mental health and recovery. Chris is an outspoken advocate for Veteran Issues, having personally struggled with the effects of TBI, PTS, and substance abuse, Chris hopes that sharing his struggles and how he overcame them will help other to do the same.