March 25, 2023

Episode 136; Neilly Davis (Part 2) “British Intelligence/Go Noisy”

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In Part 2 we talk about Afghanistan, Anger, Suicide Attempt, Divorce, and Going Noisy in the United States. This week in the studio a man who joined the British Army at just 15 1/2 years old. He even had to have his mother sign the paperwork because of his age. Don’t be fooled by that though this guest has been there and done working with the Queens Own Highlanders and the Joint Support Group as an Advanced Agent Handler. He has worked Covert, Counter Terrorist, Low Profile, Close Protection, and even Anti Poaching operations. He has worked in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan Libya, Cameroon, and even the United States. His 24 year Career has placed him in numerous life or deat situations where he learned there is nothing clean about field work and in fact mostly it’s just plain messy. Please welcome the Founder and CEO of Neilly Davis…Helping me this week with this amazing guest is my friend, former male model, and current Bad Ass. Chuck Ritter….

INTRO and OUTRO music written,performed, and provided by the band Rattle Root. Check them out below.

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Neil DavisProfile Photo

Neil Davis


Neil Davis is a 24-year, British Army Veteran, and a former undercover soldier with a covert “Special Duties” unit of British Intelligence, where he planned and conducted, sensitive and covert, counter-terrorist operations, in various countries around the world and for which he was awarded the Queens Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS), for his personal contribution to UK counter-terrorist operations.

Since leaving the military in 2006, Neil has been involved in covert, counter-terrorist, low-profile/covert, close protection and anti-poaching operations in Iraq, Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, Libya, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Turkey and the USA.
Neil’s passion is in providing realistic, functional, and “messy” tactical training that provides people with workable and flexible response “options”. He has little time for those who teach carefully choreographed drills, preferring to allow his scenarios and live firing exercises to take their natural course and for trainees to “figure it out” by themselves.

He has a wealth of experience working, either in a small team or as a lone operator, in numerous countries, cities and villages around the world in non-permissive operational environments, under intense pressure and with an ever-present risk of compromise, capture and interrogation.

He has many years of instructional experience and was an Infantry Tactics Instructor at the British Army’s Infantry Training Centre, ITC Wales (Brecon). Neil has delivered various types of specialized training such as close protection, surveillance, HUMINT, firearms, anti-poaching, hostile environment and hostage survival, to foreign police forces, military, government bodies, organizations, and individuals, around the world.

In 2015, Neil embarked on an unsupported and solo, Walk Across America, to raise awareness of PTSD amongst American and British soldiers and veterans. When he reached Pennsylvania, he suffered serious and incapacitating injuries, including the on-set of sepsis and a strangulated hernia and was admitted to hospital, until he was able to return to the UK, for further medical treatment and surgery. It is something that he intends to go back and do again.