May 8, 2023

Episode 142: Dagan “Hoot” Van Oosten Marine Scout/Sniper/Blackwater Contractor/CIA

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This week in the studio a man who joined the United States Marine Corps on the delayed entry program in 1997. He has spent time with the 1st Fleet AntiTerrorism Security Team, 5th Marines, the USMC Marine Augmentation Training Support Unit, and the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion. During his time with the Marines he has been a Scout/Sniper Instructor, Chief Scout, and Liasion and Chief Instructor for the FBI HRT Sniper course. This guest has also worked with contracting companies like BlackWater and even worked with the CIA for 12 years. He has deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, and Bahrain. He is currently the Co Owner of Nomadic Research , an outdoor company that values Patriotism, Individual Responsibility, and the Love of Freedom of the Great Outdoors. My guest is also the Founder and Owner of Ten22Fifty Inc, which provides Tactical and Security Based Consultation to the US Government, DOD, and Law Enforcement. I am so happy and honored that this guest has chosen to tell his story on my show. Please welcome my next guest in the studio Dagan “Hoot” Van Oosten.

INTRO and OUTRO music written,performed, and provided by the band Rattle Root. Check them out below.

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Dagan "Hoot" Van Oosten

Father/Husband/Hide and Go Seek Enthutiast

Education: BA in Intelligence Studies with a focus in Counterintelligence Operations, American Military University.

Work Experience:

Founder/Owner of Ten22Fifty inc.

Ten22Fifty was founded in 2021 to provide tactical and security-based consultation to U.S. Gov, DoD, and LE (Federal, State, Local) customers. Additionally, Mr. Van Oosten designed and patented concealment products for reconnaissance, surveillance, and sniper operations. Patent No. US11352807 June 7, 2022 Urban Hide Sites for Reconnaissance and Surveillance Operations

Co-Owner of Nomadic Research

Mr. Van Oosten and Mr. Matt Horton met while working on a small elite team in the heart of Afghanistan. They shared stories of outdoor adventures over coffee and around the fire with the GWOT (Global War On Terror) as the backdrop. They identified a need for an outdoor company that shared their values of patriotism, individual responsibility, and the love of freedom of the great outdoors. With those ideals, Nomadic Research® was established in 2017.

2014 – Present: OGA (Other Government Agencies) SPT (Special Programs Team) EAST Training Cadre

In 2014 Mr. VanOosten was selected as a plank holder instructor position for OGA SPT East Training Cadre handling all training programs for OGA held on the East Coast. Initially Mr. Van Oosten’s duties and responsibility included three sperate programs of instruction covering a variety of special tactics techniques, and procedures regarding special operations and intelligence collection operations. As the Chief of SPT East instructor Cadre, Mr. Van Oosten was instrumental in authoring the SPT East Advance Trade Craft textbook, as well as construction and implementation of the SPT East Long-Range Security and Surveillance course. Additionally, Mr. Van Oosten was responsible for the selection, procurement, and implementation of over 22 million dollars in weapons, optics, and surveillance equipment.

2009-2014 OGA Mobile Security Specialist, Blackwater USA./S.O.C. (Securing Our Country)

After leaving the Marine Corps, Mr. Van Oosten attended assessment and selection for a classified OGA program that focused on facilitating intelligence collection operations in active war zones. Mr. Van Oosten’s official position was listed as a “Mobile Security Agent” Mr. Van Oosten’s duties and responsibilities included, but not limited to coordination, planning, and execution of high threat operations, maintaining the safety and security of OGA personnel while deployed overseas. In addition to daily operations, Mr. Van Oosten was selected for the Lead Contractor position responsible for managing up to 40 Mobile Security Agents, as well as the continuous operational scheduling for all intelligence operations. Mr. Van Oosten maintained a leadership position for OGA for 5 years while deployed to Afghanistan, and Israel.

2008-2009: 3rd Reconnaissance Bn, 3rd Marine Division, Okinawa Japan.
Amphibious Reconnaissance Platoon Sergeant

From July 2008 through June 2009 Staff Sergeant Van Oosten was assigned as the Amphibious Reconnaissance Platoon Sergeant for 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion. Staff Sergeant Van Oosten was assigned as the subject matter expert on Scout Sniper operations for the Battalion. Staff Sergeant Van Oosten also acted as a guest instructor for Special Operations Training Group Urban Sniper School. During his tour of duty at 3rd Reconnaissance Bn, Staff Sergeant Van Oosten acted as Primary Instructor for all Pre-Sniper Training courses as well as his Platoon Sergeant responsibilities in Charlie, Bravo, and Force Reconnaissance Companies.

2007-2008: United States Marine Corps, Marine Augmentation Training Support Unit ( MCATSU)

In October of 2007 Staff Sergeant Van Oosten was screened and recruited for a Top-Secret billet within Marine Augmentation Training Support Unit. From October 2007 to July 2008 Staff Sergeant Van Oosten performed a variety of duties while also attending and graduating USMC Basic Reconnaissance Course and US Army Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leaders Course.

2003 – 2007: United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper Instructor School, Quantico VA
Primary Field Skills Instructor for Captain John Bradley and Captain John Hood

Sergeant Van Oosten has acted as the primary field skills instructor for all courses of instruction held at the USMC’s lead scout sniper school to include the Scout Sniper Basic Course, Advanced Course, Platoon Commanders Course, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Hostage Rescue Team (FBI HRT) Basic Sniper Course. He coordinated all field skills training and classroom instruction as well as acted as liaison and chief instructor for the FBI HRT sniper courses. Viewed as a subject matter expert in his field, Sergeant Van Oosten has been requested to provide briefings to numerous DOD organizations and federal/civil law enforcement to include the Marine Corps War Fighting Laboratory, Marine Corps Systems Command, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

2000-2003: 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, Camp Pendleton, CA 2000- 2003
Chief Scout Sniper/ Scout Sniper Team Ldr for Captain John Hood

Sergeant Van Oosten was assigned to 1st Battalion, 5th Marines in April of 2000 where he was assigned to the Battalion’s Scout Sniper platoon. He attended and graduated the Scout Sniper Basic course at 1st Marine Division’s School of Infantry in 2000. After graduation, he was assigned as the first team leader and acted as such for the next six months during the battalion’s 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit deployment. Upon returning from deployment, Sergeant Van Oosten was named the Chief Scout Sniper, making him responsible for 24 other operators for the remainder of his 3 years in the Battalion. As a Chief Scout, he planned and executed all of the Sniper platoon’s training to include all aspects of Reconnaissance and Surveillance (R&S), adjustment of supporting arms, sniper/counter sniper operations, and close quarters battle training. During Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Sergeant Van Oosten’s team acted as the Battalion’s lead R&S element for all combat operations to include the attack and seizure of the Amilhiay Presidential Palace in central Baghdad. Once returning from OIF, Sergeant Van Oosten was responsible for the planning and executing of an assessment and selection program to facilitate the platoon’s rebuilding efforts.

1998- 2000: 1st Fleet Anti Terrorism Security Team, Norfolk, VA
Designated Marksman Team Leader/Squad Leader for Captain Hugh Conley

Lance Corporal VanOosten checked into 1st FAST Company in November of 1998 for an immediate deployment to Bahrain, where he acted as a team leader for the platoon’s CQB Trailer team. Upon completion of the Middle East deployment, Sergeant Van Oosten attended Designated Marksmanship (DM) School in Dam Neck, VA and was appointed the platoon’s DM team leader. His responsibilities included training and readiness of the eight-man DM section and a squad of 12 operators. Lance Corporal Van Oosten also received two meritorious promotions to the rank of Corporal and Sergeant while assigned to 4th platoon, 1st FAST Company.