Jan. 17, 2022

Episode 88: Sam Katz “No Shadows in the Desert”

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In this first-ever look at the secret inner workings of an Arab security service, Katz tells the story of Jordan’s General Intelligence Department, or GID, the masters of human intelligence on the espionage battlefields of the Middle East, who proved pivotal and crucial go-to allies of the CIA and America’s other intelligence agencies in the war against ISIS and the war on terror. With the revealing and intimate insight of the intelligence officers who fought ISIS, No Shadows in the Desert is a rare glimpse into how a strategic partnership helped change how terrorism is fought in the Middle East and beyond. Samuel M. Katz is the New York Times Best Selling co-author of Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi (St. Martin’s Press, 2013); an excerpt from the book was featured in the August 2013 edition of Vanity Fair. His book The Ghost Warriors: Inside Israel’s Undercover War on Suicide Terror covered Israel’s undercover counterterrorist units and their role in stopping the suicide bombers in the second intifada, and was published in February 2016 by Penguin-Random House/Caliber. He is the co-author of the National and Los Angeles Times best-selling Harpoon: Inside The Covert War against International Terrorism’s Money Masters. He is the co-author of Beirut Rules: the Murder of a CIA Station Chief and Hezbollah’s War against America.

INTRO and OUTRO music written,performed, and provided by the band Rattle Root. Check them out below.

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