Episode 137: Jason Torey “Navy SEAL/Sylabs COO”

March 27, 2023

This week in the studio a man who is a retired Command Master Chief with the Navy SEALs who has spent 26 years of service on his country's behalf. With extensive experience in combat, he has been deployed four times to comba…

Guest: Jason Torey

Episode 136; Neilly Davis (Part 2) “British Intelligence/Go Noisy”

March 25, 2023

In Part 2 we talk about Afghanistan, Anger, Suicide Attempt, Divorce, and Going Noisy in the United States. This week in the studio a man who joined the British Army at just 15 1/2 years old. He even had to have his mother s…

Guest: Neil Davis

Episode 136: Neilly Davis (Part 1)“British Intelligence/Go Noisy”

March 20, 2023

In (Part 1) We talk joining the British Army at 15 1/2 years old, the Death of a Father, Fighting Terrorist in Northern Ireland, and the beginning of working for 6 straight years in Afghanistan and why it got under Neilly’s …

Guest: Neil Davis

Episode 135: Bobby Tuttle “Green Beret/Pineland Underground”

March 13, 2023

This week in the studio a man who was born in Germany during the Cold War to a father who was a Green Beret assigned to the Berlin Detachment. This guest grew up learning early that if you wanted to be the best you had to be…

Guest: Bobby Tuttle

Episode 134: Darrell Utt “Green Beret/National Medal of Honor Museum”

March 6, 2023

This week in the studio a man who came from humble beginnings in West Virginia to becoming a Green Beret with 10 combat deployments, and ending up as the Chief of Business Operations for the National Medal of Honor Museum. I…

Guest: Darrell Utt

Episode 133: Greg Walker “Green Beret/Hatchet Brewing Company”

Feb. 20, 2023

This week in the studio a guest who joined the US Army Reserves while still in High School as a Medic. He was then accepted into the United States Military Academy at WestPoint, where he graduated with a degree in Chemical E…

Guest: Greg Walker

Episode 132: Drew Wallace “Ranger/Professional Mounted Shooter

Feb. 13, 2023

This week in the studio a veteran of the United States Army. His career spanned 4 deployments into combat. 2 of those to Afghanistan, 2 to Iraq in a 4 year time frame. In the same time frame this guest competed in the Best R…

Guest: Drew Wallace

Episode 131: Jason Morgan “Combat Weather, Military Paralympian, Veterans Outpost”

Feb. 6, 2023

This week in the studio a man who started his career in the US Air Force and was quickly selected for special training as a Combat Weatherman and earning a position with the Combat Weather Team, which provides meteorological…

Guest: Jason Morgan

Episode 130: Katie Hernandez “EOD, Extreme Athlete, World Record Holder”

Jan. 30, 2023

This week in the studio a woman with over a decade of service in the US Army. This guest has never backed away from a challenge and is always looking for her next adventure. This guest has worked on Presidential details secu…

Episode 129: Zachary Garner “Purpose and Redemption”

Jan. 23, 2023

This week in the studio a man who spent over a decade in service to this country. He held assignments with 1st ID, 10th Mountain Division, and 7th Special Forces. This guest has always lived his life with purpose, whether tr…

Episode 128: Jason Tuschen “Scholar, Surfer, SEAL”

Jan. 16, 2023

This week in the studio my guest makes a returning appearance. You first met this guest when the story of Codename Johnny Walker was told. I thought that we needed to know more about this guy and his amazing career which has…

Guest: Jason Tuschen

Episode 127: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman “On Killing/On Combat”

Jan. 9, 2023

This week in the studio I welcome a man who spent over 23 years in the United States military. He is a for former enlisted and an Airborne Ranger Infantry Officer. My guest has spent a lifetime studying the Science of Killin…

Episode 126: Scott Mann “Operation Pineapple Express”

Dec. 5, 2022

This week in the studio a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army. This guest gave 23 years of service, 18 of those years within the Special Forces community as a Green Beret. He has completed tours to Iraq,Pe…

Episode 125: Geoff Dardia “Green Beret"

Nov. 21, 2022

This week in the studio a Master Sergeant in the US Army who started his career in the Navy as a Parachute Rigger with dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL, but that goal was cut short by a mysterious illness. In his twenties when…

Episode 124: Ryan Rogers “Lions of Marjah”

Nov. 14, 2022

This week in the studio a US Marine that gave 11 years of his life to the Corps. During his years of service he served on 5 deployments with 1 trip to Iraq and 1 trip to Afghanistan. Although he has been an Infantryman, All …

Guest: Ryan Rogers

Episode 123: Codename Johnny Walker/Jason Tuschen

Nov. 7, 2022

This week in the studio 2 men who couldn’t come from more different worlds. The first, born in Mosul, Iraq, someone who watched his country be torn apart from the inside out. He is not only a veteran of the Iraqi Army but al…

Guests: Johnny , Jason Tuschen

Episode 122: Scott Huesing “U.S.M.C./Echo In Ramadi”

Oct. 31, 2022

This week in the studio a retired United States Marine Corps Major with 24 yeas of service, with time as both an enlisted man and an officer. During that time he was deployed 10 times to over 60 countries. He has been to Afg…

Guest: Scott Huesing

Episode 121: Tim Fedrick “Navy SEAL/Warriors and Whiskey”

Oct. 24, 2022

This week in the studio a guest with 31 years of service to this country in the United States Navy. His certifications include but are not limited to Surface Warfare Specialist, Search and Rescue Swimmer, Submarine Dolphins,…

Guest: Tim Fedrick

Episode 120: Mark Zinno “(Col.) U.S. Army/Hazard Ground Podcast”

Oct. 18, 2022

This week in the studio a man who while attending college initially joined ROTC in order to help pay for his college. After graduating from college he was commissioned as a 2nd LT in the United States Army and was assigned t…

Guest: Mark Zinno

Episode 119: Mark Matzeldelaflor “Navy SEAL/Guardian Grange”

Oct. 10, 2022

This week in the studio a former Navy SEAL who conducted combat operations in Baghdad and Rhamadi. Upon leaving the service my guest realized that once you been in combat and are no longer in that world, nothing on the other…

Episode 118: Craig “Chili” Palmer w/co-host Chris VanSant

Oct. 3, 2022

This week in the studio my special co host Chris Van Sant and I sit down with a legendary Special Operations Warrior who entered the Army after High School in 1989. He immediately attended Basic, Airborne School, and the Ran…


Oct. 1, 2022

In this bonus episode I talk with a writer in the Thriller Genre, who has penned an amazing story full of espionage, tradecraft, violence and politics in the Middle East and the United States. Matt started his writing career…

Guest: Matt Scott

Episode 117: Johnny Sotello “Navy SEAL/Trauma/Alternative Therapies”

Sept. 19, 2022

This week in the studio, a former Navy SEAL who has since leaving the military and private contract working has dedicated himself to a whole new cause to fight for, Veteran, Law Enforcement, and First Responder suicides. Thi…

Episode 116: Dexter Pitts “10th Mountain/Purple Heart/Louisville Police

Sept. 5, 2022

This week in the studio a man who served with the 10th Mountain Division in Iraq where he received a Purple Heart for injuries that he sustained. He is also a 10 year veteran of the Louisville Police Department serving in po…

Guest: Dexter Pitts

Episode 115: Peter Ostrovsky “Miami Boat Crews/Operation Frozen Timber”

Aug. 29, 2022

This week in the studio a man who in 1964 was born in South Miami to immigrant parents. His father Russian and his mother Cuban, he was raised in a strict household that taught him, if he wanted to be or do anything in life …

Episode 114: Vance McMurry “82nd,101st, White House”

Aug. 22, 2022

This week in the studio a graduate of the Military Academy at WestPoint and a member of units such as the 82nd Airborne, the 101st Airborne, and the White House with the Presidential Contingency Programs office. This guest e…

Guest: Vance McMurry

Episode 112: Jesse Boettcher w/co-host Chris VanSant

Aug. 8, 2022

This week in the studio my co host Chris VanSant and I have a conversation with a man who dedicated 27 years of service to the US Army, more than 21 of those in Special Operations, including 12 years with the Special Mission…

Episode 111: John “Stryker” Meyer “MAC-V-SOG”

Aug. 1, 2022

This week in the studio a man who was a three time volunteer in his service to his country. In 1967 he volunteered for service in the US Army, then at a briefing for jobs in the military and after just viewing the John Wayne…

Episode 110: Fred Galvin USMC (R) “A Few Bad Men”

July 25, 2022

This week in the studio a man who in 27 years rose from the rank of the Enlisted to become the Commanding Officer of Foxtrot , 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Special Operations Command. On March 4th, 2007 hi…

Guest: Fred Galvin

Episode 109: Robert Sweetman “Navy SEAL/Exist Tribe”

July 18, 2022

This week in the studio a man who joined the military at the age of 28. By age 29 he had completed BUDS training. After 8 years and a couple of combat tours with SEAL Team 7, this guest became an instructor at the Advanced T…

Episode 108: Michele McPhee “The Boston Marathon Bombing Uncut”

July 11, 2022

This week in the studio my guest is a Best selling author, Emmy-nominated investigative reporter and award-winning journalist. This guest doesn’t do puff pieces. She has spent two decades covering terrorism, murder, mobsters…

Episode 107: Chris VanSant “The Full Story”

July 4, 2022

This week in the studio, a man with 20 years of service in the US Army. He served in such units as the 75th Ranger regiment, the 3rd Infantry Division, the 82nd Airborne, and the famed 1st Special Forces Operational Detachme…

Guest: Chris VanSant

Episode 106: John Nores “Hidden War”

June 27, 2022

This week in the studio a man who spent 26 years as a State of California Game Warden. He started out his career very normal with jobs like training cadets, conducting State, National, and International Firearms Training. Bu…

Guest: John Nores

Episode 105: William “Bill” Ostlund “A Four Decade Warriors LIfe ”

June 20, 2022

This week in the studio a man with almost 4 decades of military service to this country. His dream started all the way back in the summer before his freshman year of high school when he finished reading a military based book…

Episode 104: A.M. Adair “ U.S. Navy Counter/Human Intelligence, Author”

June 13, 2022

This week in the studio a woman with 21 years of Military Service. She’s been both enlisted and a Warrant Officer. She specialized in Counter and Human Intelligence. She was the first woman ever admitted to the Marine Air Gr…

Episode 103: Miles Sonn “US Customs Undercover Smuggler”

June 6, 2022

This week in the studio a man with over 45 years of both National and International Law Enforcement experience. During that time he has worked Counter Terrorism, Narcotics, Human Trafficking, Organized Crime, Money Launderin…

Guest: Miles sonn

Episode 102: Bradley Jones “Treading the Deep”

May 30, 2022

This week in the studio a retired Command Sergeant Major with over 30 years of service to this country. It seems like an odd story that he would rise from the rank of private to Command Sergeant Major especially because he i…

Guest: Bradley Jones

Episode 101: Jack Carr “In The Blood”

May 16, 2022

This week in the studio a man with 20 years of service in Naval Special Warfare as both enlisted and an officer. He worked as a Sniper, Assaulter, and Platoon Commander in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and the Phil…

Guest: Jack Carr

Episode 100: Lorenzo Toledo “Undercover Weapons/Narcotics Trafficker”

May 9, 2022

This week in the studio a man who at the age of 12 lost his brother to homicide in Washington Heights, New York. When he saw the look of devastation on his mothers eyes at the news from 2 police officers, he decided that he …

Episode 99: Don Bentley “Hostile Intent”

May 2, 2022

This week in the studio, a returning guest that spent time as and Army Combat Apache Pilot in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, an FBI Special Agent, and member of the Dallas office FBI SWAT team in his career. Now he i…

Episode 98: Alex Alonso “Border Patrol, US Customs, American Undercover”

April 25, 2022

This week in the studio a Retired Federal Law Enforcement Agent with 29+ years with the government US Border Patrol, US Customs and Homeland Security Investigations. Most of his career was spent in some form of undercover op…

Episode 97: SGM Charles “Chuck” Ritter MENTAL FITNESS-Green Beret, Silver Star, 3 Purple Hearts

April 18, 2022

This week in the studio a man with 23 years of service to this country. He currently serves as the Deputy Commandant for the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School’s (SWCS) Non-Commissioned Offi…

Episode 96: Erick Miyares “Echo9 Axiom/Echo9 Hopes

April 4, 2022

This week in the studio with me. A retired Sergeant Major with a combined 29 years of professional service to both the United States Marine Corp and The United States Army. Serving in numerous position ranging from a Scout S…

Guest: Erick Miyares

Episode 94: Mike Boettcher “The Hornets Nest”

March 21, 2022

This week in the studio a Veteran News Correspondent, In his four decade network news career some of the areas that he has covered are the Civil War in El Salvador, where he was kidnapped and threatened, The events leading t…

Episode 93: Steve Stratton “Green Beret, Secret Service, White House Communications, DOD and DOE”

March 14, 2022

This week in the studio. A man who has worked in the White House Communications Agency, the Secret Service, been a contractor with the Department of Defense, and earned his Green Beret in 1986 giving him a total of over 49 y…

Episode 92: Michelle Black “Sacrifice-The Tongo Tongo Ambush”

March 7, 2022

This week in the studio, a Gold Star wife who lost her husband in 2017. Her husband was a Green Beret assigned to ODA 3212. On a devastating mission he and his team were ambushed by ISIS terrorist in Niger Africa near the Ma…

Episode 91: Dr. James Lynch “PTS Stellate Ganglion Block”

Feb. 28, 2022

This week in the studio a 31 year veteran of the US Army. He started his career at Westpoint and ended it as the Medical Squadron Commander of the Special Missions Unit. He has a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Healthc…

Guest: James Lynch

Episode 90: Bob Starkman/Joe Pistone “The Real Miami Vice and Donnie Brasco”

Feb. 14, 2022

Not 1 but two legends in the law enforcement community. I was introduced to these guys through Ralph Friedman and our conversation. The first Bob Starkman is a man with 38 years in law enforcement, 25 of those being in US Cu…

Episode 89: Kenneth Andrus “Navy Captain, Doctor, Author”

Jan. 31, 2022

Kenneth Andrus is a native of Columbus, Ohio. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Marietta College and his Doctor of Medicine from the Ohio State University College of Medicine. Following his internship, he joined the …