Bobby Tuttle “‘Green Beret/Pineland Underground”

This week in the studio a man who was born in Germany during the Cold War to a father who was a Green Beret assigned to the Berlin Detachment. This guest grew up learning early that if you wanted to be the best you had to beat the best. This guest is a second generation Texas A&M Corp of Cadets graduate, and is also a second generation Green Beret. He started his career as a Chemical Officer assigned to the 2nd Battalion/1st Special Forces group. This guest has seen deployments to the Philippines, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He has conducted Special Operations all across the Indo-Pacific theater. He has been an Observer, Coach, and trainer for Special Forces at the Joint Readiness Training Center. Today he is the Director for the Army Special Operations Language, Regional Education and Cultural Directorate and the co host for the Pineland Underground podcast. He is an Officer and a Gentleman. Please welcome Major Bobby Tuttle. @pinelandundergroundpodcast3664