CODENAME: Johnny Walker/Jason Tuschen

This week in the studio 2 men who couldn’t come from more different worlds. The first, born in Mosul, Iraq, someone who watched his country be torn apart from the inside out. He is not only a veteran of the Iraqi Army but also the only interpreter to ever receive the Navy Seal Trident. His quick thinking, his ability to read a room and the intentions of the people in it, and his willingness to push himself further and faster than any other contracted worker made him a huge asset to the US soldiers and Special Operators that he worked with. This man not only risked everything to make the country of Iraq a better place for future generations, but now a citizen of the United States, is training future warfighters in cultural affairs in order to make them a more rounded warrior. The second, a retired Command Master Chief Navy SEAL who comes from a punk rock background and who in his 27 years of service was assigned to SEAL Teams 1,3, 7, Naval Special Warfare Development Group, Naval Special Warfare Command, and Naval Special Warfare Group One. This guest has numerous deployments all over the globe in support of US operations to include the Middle East where he met tonight’s other guest while working in Baghdad as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to an 80 man Task Force. This guest was instrumental in the efforts to get not only his friend and teammate, but also his entire family to the United States, where they could finally live the life that they had always dreamed of living. This story could not have more action, plot twists, and cast of characters if it was a best selling thriller novel. It is my pleasure to introduce Codename Johnny Walker and Jason Tuschen……