Dagan “Hoot” Van Oosten

This week in the studio a man who joined the United States Marine Corps on the delayed entry program in 1997. He has spent time with the 1st Fleet AntiTerrorism Security Team, 5th Marines, the USMC Marine Augmentation Training Support Unit, and the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion. During his time with the Marines he has been a Scout/Sniper Instructor, Chief Scout, and Liasion and Chief Instructor for the FBI HRT Sniper course. This guest has also worked with contracting companies like BlackWater and even worked with the CIA for 12 years. He has deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, and Bahrain. He is currently the Co Owner of Nomadic Research , an outdoor company that values Patriotism, Individual Responsibility, and the Love of Freedom of the Great Outdoors. My guest is also the Founder and Owner of Ten22Fifty Inc, which provides Tactical and Security Based Consultation to the US Government, DOD, and Law Enforcement. I am so happy and honored that this guest has chosen to tell his story on my show. Please welcome my next guest in the studio Dagan “Hoot” Van Oosten.