Dr. Mark L. Gordon “TBI/PTS/Hormonal Dysfunction Syndrome”

This week in the studio a man who is trained and board certified in Family Medicine, Clinical Orthopedics, Cosmetic Dermatology, Sports Medicine, and Interventional Endocrinology. He has been leading the effort on research of TBI that he believes is associated with a hormonal dysfunction syndrome. This guest has put the medical world on his head by calling out the old way of thinking that the cure to the problem was Psychotropic Medication and Psychotherapy, while also championing alternative therapies like hormone therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment , and Stellate Ganglion Block. He’s here this week to talk about how we can start to stop this alarming trend of Suicide among our Law Enforcement, Military, First Responders, and civilians alike. Please welcome Dr. Mark L. Gordon…….