Drew Wallace “Ranger/Professional Mounted Shooter

This week in the studio a veteran of the United States Army. His career spanned 4 deployments into combat. 2 of those to Afghanistan, 2 to Iraq in a 4 year time frame. In the same time frame this guest competed in the Best Ranger competition ranking a fantastic 5th and 8th place overall. After life in the service this guest worked as a contractor with Blackwater Worldwide, but looked for purpose and found it in Professional Mounted Cowboy Shooting. This guest quickly gained popularity, placings, and sponsors such as Black Rifle Coffee, Oakley, Quick or Dead, and Safariland. My guest is interested in anything that increases his Lethality, but he also believes in the motto “You need to take your time in a hurry”. This week we find out what that can mean for your life and hear his amazing story. Please welcome Drew Wallace, Also Known As “The Ranger Cowboy”.