Geoff Dardia “Green Beret/Task Force Dagger”

This week in the studio a Master Sergeant in the US Army who started his career in the Navy as a Parachute Rigger with dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL, but that goal was cut short by a mysterious illness. In his twenties when he was supposed to be living his best life, his body was breaking down at an exponential rate that was unexplained by medical science, which was the cause of him giving up (at least temporarily) his childhood dream of being a commando, when he left the Navy abruptly. Fast forward to a 4 year chase to restart the dream of serving his country, many rejections , and a email that was given to him out of spite , this guest resumed the goal of being a special operator. Now over 20 years, 7 deployments, and having served as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, Intelligence Sergeant, and Operations Sergeant my guest has become one of the most experienced veteran advocates, educator, and Green Beret that is still serving his country. He is a Human Performance and Wellness Senior Leader, the Founder of the META transition program, and the Founding director of the SOF Health Initiatives Program. Please welcome a guest that has been in the works for a long time Geoffrey Dardia.