Henry “Dick” Thompson AKA “Dynamite” MAC V SOG

This week in the studio a man who at an early age knew that military service was in his future. Having a father that not only served in World War II, but was then called back to active duty for the Korean War. His father’s commitment to his country left a lasting impact in this guest’s mind. He spent an extraordinary amount of time in the woods near his house learning field craft, but he also spent time in a homemade lab located in his childhood barn learning the science of Chemistry and love for learning. After High School this guest studied at the University of South Carolina until he decided to take a break and join the American war effort in Vietnam. Joining the Army in the Chemical Corps he quickly changed his mind and got transferred to the Infantry where he completed Airborne training, Ranger school, Special Forces selection before finally joining the coveted MAC V SOG teams going across the fence into parts unknown to take the fight directly to the NVA and other communist regimes. After completing a career of over 21 years in the US Army this guest became CEO of High Performing Solutions and author of the acclaimed book “The Stress Effect” which teaches anyone willing to learn how to make decisions under high stress and suicide prevention. Please welcome Henry L. (DICK) Thompson (PhD) aka Dynamite into the studio…..