Jason Morgan “Combat Weather, Military Paralympian, Veterans Outpost”

This week in the studio a man who started his career in the US Air Force and was quickly selected for special training as a Combat Weatherman and earning a position with the Combat Weather Team, which provides meteorological and oceanographic intelligence information in and for the Army’s Special Operations. In 1999 this guest was working counter drug operations in South America where he suffered a catastrophic vehicle accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down. After 2 months in a coma and not sure what had happened this guest was forced to start an all new life of trials and pushing himself further than he thought possible. Multiple surgeries, divorce, isolation, physical and mental pain led this guest to CCI, an organization that is determined to change the lives off all their clients through the use of service dogs. This week we hear the story of Napal, a service dog that brought more than hope, he brought a life of fulfillment and dreams that seemed so far away to my guest. Please welcome to the studio Jason Morgan…