Mack MacKinnon “Mack Belts/Navy SEAL”

This week in the studio a man who spent six years as a Navy Seal until a horrific accident ended his career. My guest spent years trying rehabilitation, new scientific procedures, meditation, medicines, and pretty much anything that promised to help heal the injuries that we could see and the ones that were deeper that we could not see. My guest has been on a roller coaster of ups and downs since being medically retired from the service, but that’s not where this story ends, my guest has risen through the ashes and has started the second chapter of his life, that at one point he was not sure was possible. He started Mack Belts with $50 dollars, a friends garage, and a spirit that would not give up or bow out. Fast forward his company now serves over 1500 customers and is the go to belt provider for active duty military, veterans, industrial workers, first responders, and a growing number of outdoorsmen. His company has given 10’s of thousands of dollars to veterans charities and has current partnerships with Vet TV, Defense Strategies Group, Gallagher Holdings, and Guardian Grange. I am so happy and proud that this guest chose here to tell his story for the first time. I am proud to introduce you to my friend and the best leather craftsman in business Mack MacKinnon.