Mark Matzeldelaflor “Navy SEAL/Guardian Grange”

This week in the studio a former Navy SEAL who conducted combat operations in Baghdad and Rhamadi. Upon leaving the service my guest realized that once you been in combat and are no longer in that world, nothing on the other side correlates to it. He also realized that there needs to be stepping stones to something else, because without them that leads down a road to destruction. My guest put his mind and know how to first saving the Monarch Butterfly, but he couldn’t stop there he has established an idea that will lead to healthier lives for not only veterans but to anyone that is willing to learn. He is the CEO and Founder of Guardian Grange which is a humanitarian and environmental regeneration project to protect natural resources, strengthen communities, and facilitate veteran reintegration with a renewed sense of purpose. It is a pleasure to introduce Mark Matzeldelaflor……