Mohammed Sulaiman/Lauren Ungeldi “Saddam Hussein’s Pilot”

This week in our backup studio, two fascinating guests join me. First, we have Mohammad Sulaiman Saddam Hussein’s former pilot from Iraq who has had a remarkable career in the aviation industry. He has flown all over the world, and his experiences have given him a unique perspective on travel and culture. Mohammed has conducted numerous flights for royalty, VIP, and bloodthirsty dictators. He is in the studio to give a peek behind the curtain of stories that most people have never heard.Our second guest is Lauren Ungeldi, a bestselling writer, who has made a name for herself, with books such as Legion Rising and her current book Flying the Tyrant. She is an amazing storyteller who gets not only the words from her subjects but also the emotion, thoughts, and feelings that drive them. She is here to share her insights on Mohammed, the writing process, and telling someone else’s story. Together, Mohammad and Lauren bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, so listen to their stories and learn from their insights.