Peter Ostrovsky “Miami Boat Crews/Operation Frozen Timber”

This week in the studio a man who in 1964 was born in South Miami to immigrant parents. His father Russian and his mother Cuban, he was raised in a strict household that taught him, if he wanted to be or do anything in life it was on him to make it happen. Fast forward to 1984 while working as a lifeguard he got to see his first Marijuana bust, and it was at this moment that the hook was set for my guest to become a law enforcement agent, working with Customs on the Miami boat crews, as an undercover detective posing as an international smuggler, leading an investigation into one of the biggest Marijuana and Cocaine trafficking case that the Northwest United States had seen. My guest worked on the Joint Terrorism Task Force and was even the acting Attaché in London, England. This week is not only about my guests amazing career, but also the devastating loss of his son who was killed in a U.S. Marine training incident off of San Clemente Island, where the AAV that he was riding in had a catastrophic failure and sank trapping him inside. My guest has taken this incident and used it to help not only soldiers in the field, but to find and hold those responsible, accountable for their actions. It is my great pleasure and honor to introduce you to Peter Ostrovsky.