Ryan Rogers U.S.M.C “Lions of Marjah”

This week in the studio a US Marine that gave 11 years of his life to the Corps. During his years of service he served on 5 deployments with 1 trip to Iraq and 1 trip to Afghanistan. Although he has been an Infantryman, All Marine Boxer, and Combat Instructor at the School of Infantry, during this conversation tonight we are going to focus on his time as a Squad Leader in the Battle of Marjah, the injuries both physical and psychological that he received, and what it takes to dedicate your life to veterans and transitioning troops to make sure that they land on both feet upright upon their entry back into civilian life, where far to often we hear that these Marines and soldiers lose focus, passion, and a mission to live their life by. My guest this week will tell you how after reading Marcus Lutrell’s book he turned his daily notes into this fantastic 1st hand account of his time with the Lions of Marjah both good and bad. It is my pleasure to introduce former United States Marine and host of the Choices not Chances Podcast…Ryan Rogers.