Scott Mann “Operation Pineapple Express”

This week in the studio a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army. This guest gave 23 years of service, 18 of those years within the Special Forces community as a Green Beret. He has completed tours to Iraq,Peru,Ecuador,Panama,Colombia, and multiple tours to Afghanistan where he conducted Village Stability operations, never knowing that the allies and friends he made there would so desperately need his help, after his service. He is the Founder of Rooftop Leadership, Co Founder of the Heroes Journey, Founder of Task Force Pineapple, New York Times bestselling author, and 3x Ted Talks Speaker. He is here to tell the amazing story of not only his career, but the almost unbearable undertaking of the evacuation of Afghanistan with the leadership that he displayed during Operation Pineapple Express in the summer of 2021. Please welcome Scott Mann. @rooftopleadership222