Tim Fedrick “Navy SEAL/Warriors and Whiskey”

This week in the studio a guest with 31 years of service to this country in the United States Navy. His certifications include but are not limited to Surface Warfare Specialist, Search and Rescue Swimmer, Submarine Dolphins, Special Boat Teams, and is A Navy SEAL that has assignments with Seal Teams 3,1,Naval Special Warfare Group, and Special Operations Command. He has combat deployments to Baghdad, Fallujah, Rhamadi, Haditha, Al Asad, and Columbia. My guest since retiring has worked with the Honor Foundation, and the Warriors and Whiskey Club, an organization that partners with various veteran charities and veteran owned businesses that are dedicated to improve our veteran community. After all those years of service we are going to hear the true story of what a career like that does to you mentally and physically. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Tim Fedrick.