Tim “TR” Hendricks

This week in the studio a former Captain with the United States Army. He has been both a Military Intelligence and an Armor officer through a program termed Branch Detail which allows officers to choose Military Intelligence as their branch, but to work in a Combat Arms until reaching the rank of Captain where they return to their chosen branch. This guest was deployed to Sadr City during one of the most brutal times in its history. After his Armor career this guest returned to Iraq as a Military Intelligence advisor to Iraq’s Ministry of Interiors National Information and Intelligence agency where he worked as a liaison to to Embassy FBI agents and Iraqi Agency. After his military service he has been a Security Staff Agent, an Operations Manager, and a writer where he has recently released his first book The Instructor. Even though this story falls into the category of Fiction, it approaches some very real world issues that include, PTS, TBI, Broken families, and a rising undercurrent of antigovernment rhetoric. He’s here this week to talk about his career as an officer, hard work, and chasing your dreams in the second chapter of your life. Please welcome Tim TR Hendricks…..