Vance McMurry “82nd,101st, White House”

This week in the studio a graduate of the Military Academy at WestPoint and a member of units such as the 82nd Airborne, the 101st Airborne, and the White House with the Presidential Contingency Programs office. This guest even did a little clandestine work for an unnamed agency. That’s not all this guest did, he also ran 9 100 mile and 7 50 mile ultra marathons, and when he could not run he raced an ultra endurance mountain bike from Canada all the way to Mexico. After receiving a third torn meniscus injury, 52 injections on his knees, and a heavy dose of nightmares, this guest wondered if a small machine called an NX PRO, which was used in his rehabilitation, could cause a passive stress reduction and give stressed out operators and first responders a Performance Reboot. Fast forward through the last two years, 250 people, 2 of the 3 Tier 1 units, a few Police Departments, SWAT teams, and EMS have been able to increase 20% in speed and accuracy of shooting in only about 45 minutes of training with my guest. I would like to introduce you to the man who is leveling the playing field for accuracy, precision, and speed on target please welcome Vance McMurry.