Zachary Garner “Purpose and Redemption”

This week in the studio a man who spent over a decade in service to this country. He held assignments with 1st ID, 10th Mountain Division, and 7th Special Forces. This guest has always lived his life with purpose, whether trying to become famous as a punk rock musician, biking across the United States to raise awareness for Mental Health, or pushing his body to the limits with Extreme projects and competitions. This amazing guests has fought and recovered from some of the most devastating injuries imaginable, from Grand Mal seizures, Necrotizing Faciitis, and even being hit by a car during a half Ironman only to wake up in an ambulance wondering where he was. I am so honored that this guest is joining me in the studio. He is a former Green Beret, a 7x participant, and a hard Motherfucker to KILL. Please welcome Zachary Garner. @zacharygarner