Since June 2017, Alexander Alonso has been appointed as the Senior Manager, AML Compliance at Western Union assigned to the North America Regional Compliance Team. In this role, Mr. Alonso maintains oversight of the Authorized Delegate Oversight Program in the Caribbean, Mexico, and U.S. Strategic and Commercial accounts providing support to the field teams monitoring the effectiveness of BSA/AML/Fraud Compliance Programs implemented by Authorized Delegates in the region. Mr. Alonso also serves as the primary liaison with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Transaction Records and Analysis Center (TRAC), coordinating investigative requests and intelligence sharing. Mr. Alonso is also responsible for conducting in-depth, updated geographical security risk assessments and developing and implementing crisis management protocols for Mexico GFO personnel in the field.

Prior to joining Western Union in November 2015, Mr. Alonso served as the Regional Attaché for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Andorra, Portugal and Spain. During his tenure, Mr. Alonso was responsible for managing numerous high-profile Financial, Child Exploitation, Human Trafficking and Narcotics Smuggling transnational investigations that led to significant arrests and seizures of assets. He was also credited with establishing the first European International Taskforce Agent Training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA.

Mr. Alonso also served as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Homeland Security Investigations, in Miami, Florida with oversight of the Financial Investigations Division and the Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force. Heading the department’s first Domestic Security Unit in South Florida.

Mr. Alonso has over 29 years of federal law enforcement experience in developing, conducting and managing high profile, complex, criminal, civil and undercover investigations and operations involving a broad range of investigative disciplines including Money-Laundering, Anti-Terrorism, Consumer and Commercial Fraud, Domestic Security, Human Smuggling and Trafficking, Immigration Fraud, and Narcotics Smuggling and Trafficking. Mr. Alonso has also held key leadership roles in the United States as well as in numerous posts overseas.

Episode 98: Alex Alonso “Border Patrol, US Customs, American Undercover”

April 25, 2022

This week in the studio a Retired Federal Law Enforcement Agent with 29+ years with the government US Border Patrol, US Customs and Homeland Security Investigations. Most of his career was spent in some form of undercover op…