Craig "CHILI" Palmer

1989 I entered the US Army after high school in AZ. After basic and Infantry Training I attended airborne school and then Ranger Indoctrination Phase (RIP).
After passing RIP I went to 1st Ranger Battalion in Dec of 1989 right before the invasion of Panama. My 9th static line jump was into combat.
I served in 1st Batt until Oct 1991 and then went to the Ranger Reconnaissance Detachment at Fort Benning.
January 1995 I went to be a Military Free-fall Instructor until May 1997 after passing Selection for Delta Force.
May 1997 I went to Fort Bragg for the Operator Training Course (OTC). After completing OTC I went to C Squadron.
I served 17 years at the unit conducting 13 combat deployments.
I retired NOV 2014 and went to work for a Norwegian Drone company. I have been doing shooting instruction for Viking Tactics and Sig Sauer since 2008 and 2016 respectively.
Currently working as a military advisor for major motion pictures.

Episode 118: Craig “Chili” Palmer w/co-host Chris VanSant

Oct. 3, 2022

This week in the studio my special co host Chris Van Sant and I sit down with a legendary Special Operations Warrior who entered the Army after High School in 1989. He immediately attended Basic, Airborne School, and the Ran…